Job Overview:

The Lead Environment Designer’s primary responsibility is to work closely with the environment design director to manage a team of environment artists in creating the final designs of every location and setting of the assigned episode. The lead helps their team maintain a high level of quality and continuity of designs, while also working to keep the designs within the scope and vision of the project. The lead environment designer reports to the Environment Design Director.


    Required Skills:

    • 2-3 years of experience in environmental design.
    • Must have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Sketch-up, Google Docs, and FTrack.
    • Must be able to design strong, aesthetically appealing characters in the required style.
    • Must be able to communicate effectively and respectfully to all team members as well as staff and directors in other departments.
    • Must have a thorough understanding of the Environment Design pipeline as well as how it impacts and effects other departments.
    • Must have a strong sense of color, color theory, and painting, in addition to a superior understanding of perspective.
    • Must be a proactive problem solver and be able to instruct Environment Designers when obstacles arise.
    • Must be able to switch between tasks at a moment’s notice.
    • Must be dedicated to keeping the team motivated by supporting them and fostering a positive environment.
    • Must have a critical eye to finesse designs to the satisfaction of the Environment Design Director as well as Art Directors and Producers.
    • Must have excellent organizational skills and an ability to keep up with the status of your team at all times.

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Read through scripts, and assist in making a breakdown of locations and their status for assigned episodes.
    • Work with the Environment Design Director to develop departmental standards and best practices.
    • Train and mentor Design artists on techniques developed in the research and development phase as well as the standards and practices of the department.
    • Work with the Environment Director to understand the blocking and storytelling needs for each environment, as well as gather any references and direction for each environment.
    • Schedule and assign tasks and files to the Designers and make sure deadlines can be met.
    • Oversee the creation of previs 3D assignments for storyboards.
    • Lead the Environment Design artists in a unified visual manner that achieves the style and quality established by the Environment Design Director and Art Direction.
    • Review research and direction with designers and work toward creating the desired design element.
    • Review design elements with designers for critique and multiple versioning.
    • Assist the Environment Design Director to polish and finesse designs during the final notes phase.
    • Communicate respectfully with artists from other departments to quickly make corrections and additions as needed.
    • Learn and adapt to our proprietary pipeline and in-house tools and be flexible to changes that occur.
    • Assist Environment Design Director in approving staff hours prior to payroll.
    • Assist Design Director in maintaining consistent notes on staff performance and communicate with staff regarding performance on a regular basis.
    • Must reside in GA.
    • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US.
    • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
    • EOE
Hourly range: $31.00