Job Overview:

The lead editor’s primary responsibility is to guide a team in finishing all animatics in the series by using the script, storyboards, voice-over, music, and sound effects; as well as overseeing the final delivery of each episode with the conform editor. The lead editor should be able to handle or delegate all editing tasks. They work closely with the Directors and Producers to make sure each episode maintains the vision of the showrunners while staying within the scope of production. The lead editor reports to Producers.

Required Skills:

  • 3-4 years of experience working as an editor in the animation industry.
  • 1-2 years of management experience.
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro; familiarity with Storyboard Pro, Harmony Fusion, and FTrack is a plus.
  • Must be an exceptional listener, communicate with a calm demeanor, and have the patience to try out a variety of ideas in the editing room.
  • Must be a problem solver; possess a willingness to take over and work out a consensus when feedback is lacking, vague or conflicting.
  • Capable of working independently as well as in conjunction with the rest of the editing staff.
  • Must be able to run an edit session remotely or in person with producers/directors.
  • Possess an understanding of the editing pipeline, as well as expectations of the Storyboard staff on how the radio play is used.
  • Must possess superior organizational skills, and a willingness to comply with Floyd County’s best practices.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Gather materials, such as SFX, Music, reusable Cast efforts, past episodes, etc. necessary software and equipment for the season.
  • At the start of production evaluate and communicate any specifications required by a delivery that other departments need to implement.
  • Work with Producers, Directors, and Animation Supervisors to refine the editing workflow for the season, and establish a schedule for animatic, conform, and client reviews.
  • Work with the Production Manager, and Producers to establish.
  • Work with Producers and Production Managers to create checklists for the various deliveries and reviews throughout the span of the season.
  • Read scripts. Share with Producers any unscripted efforts or actions that may be necessary to capture during VO records.
  • Assemble and work through each episode’s radio play with Producers. Share the finished Radio Play with Storyboards.
  • Review and note animatic passes from animatic editors, setting realistic deadlines.
  • Run client review sessions of animatic with Showrunners and Producers.
  • Communicate any delays or workflow issues to the Production Manager.
  • Oversee the creation of conforming edits of each episode; assigning, or work with the conform editor.
  • During the final stages of polish and QC, stay informed about notes from Producers, Showrunners, and vendors on episodes, and be proactive about suggesting ways Edit can help address notes.
  • Oversee delivery of episodes.
  • Work with the Production Manager to oversee and delegate the approval of credits, asset clearances, music clearance, timing sheets, and cue sheets.
  • Must reside in GA.
  • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
  • EOE
Hourly range: $34.00