Job Overview:

The Compositing Technical Director works in conjunction with IT and Production to oversee the workflow, stability, and best practices of the Compositing Department pipeline, especially as it relates to 2D character and VFX animation, VFX creation (stock video, particles, and simulations), 3D to 2D integrations, camera movement, and dynamic lighting. The Compositing Technical Director works with the Technical Director, Producers, and Production Managers to identify areas of Compositing to research, improve, and maintain. The Compositing Technical Director works with outside animation studios to ensure deliveries of materials are compatible with the compositing workflow. The Compositing Technical Director reports to the Producer.


  • During pre-production, work with the Technical Director, Producers, and Department Directors to establish workflows that integrate with the compositing department.
  • Prior to the hiring of Compositing Department directors and leads, provide knowledge, training materials, hiring materials, and advice to producers during the planning phases of production.
  • Work closely with IT and the Technical Director to identify the needs of production, coordinate efforts, and implement solutions
  • Work closely with the Compositing Director and Leads to develop techniques and practices that streamline compositing department tasks – including lighting/character rigs, automation development, and rendering solutions needed for production.
  • Create guides and training materials to inform the compositing staff of new processes and methods. – conduct training when necessary.
  • Review pre-production materials in order to anticipate technical needs that will affect the compositing department.
  • Provide materials and information to departments seeking to improve integration with the compositing department.
  • Present any scripts or code to the Technical Director to evaluate the viability of the scripts in terms of efficiency, security, and maintenance.
  • Meet regularly with the Asset Manager to make sure steps toward efficiency are compatible with the Compositing department
  • Attend and participate in training initiatives.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • 1-2 years working as a Technical Director, Compositing Director, Lead Compositor, or Pipeline Technical Director for animation, games, or VFX production
  • An expert understanding of the Node-based compositing and the 2D Harmony animation pipeline.
  • A strong understanding of how materials are packaged, sent, and received by overseas studios
  • In-depth knowledge of BlackMagic Fusion, Nuke, or similar Node-based compositing software; and a general understanding of Acrobat, Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Fusion, FTrack, and Google Suite (Docs, Spreadsheets)
  • Working knowledge of object-oriented programming languages – Lua, Python, and Javascript are a plus.
  • Experience working collaboratively on a team.
  • Strong ability to detect, research, and solve creative and technical problems
  • Communicate with staff performing in technical and non-technical roles
  • Experience in departments outside compositing is a plus
  • Ability to quickly change tasks and adapt to the ebbs and flows of production.


  • Must be a current resident of Georgia. (no exceptions)
  • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US.
  • EOE

    Production:  Hit-Monkey

    Estimated start: Mid-June
    Weekly Salary: $1,320-1,400