Job Overview:

The role of the 3D Director of Modeling is to maintain and decide on the standards and practices at Floyd County productions to be an expert at creating, materialing, texturing, parametrically, or organically modeling or modifying a variety of hard surface and organic models. In addition, the 3D Modeling Director is responsible for managing the modeling schedule, managing team members, coordinating with other department directors, coordinating assets traffic to overseas studios, and working closely with Environment Design, Producers, and Art Directors.

The Director of 3D Modeling will report directly to the Art Director.


Skills Required:

  • Ability to communicate, teach, and delegate tasks to senior, and mid-level modelers.
  • Process and composite storyboards.
  • Break down Concept art and List assets in accordance with standards and practices.
  • Good listening, learning, and organizational skills.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Give direction effectively.
  • Must be willing to relocate to Georgia.
  • Has expert skills required of Modeler and Lead Modeler:
    • Proficient at hard surface, parametric, and organic modeling tasks in 3ds Max
    • Ability to material, and texture using Vray materials
    • UVW unwrapping and atlas generation
    • Ability to aesthetically light a scene
    • Strong camera compositional skills
    • Set dress according to Floyd County Productions
    • Setup Animation previews
    • Export and test models for other departments
    • Ability to set up NPR renders using Vray Toon pass
    • Ability to create Draft Renders for staging and complete notes from Art Direction
    • Ability to set up camera angles for 3D moving backgrounds
    • Submit layer renders
    • Compile PSDs
    • Export Tracking data

Desired Experience:

  • Approximately one or two years of experience in a 3D Leadership job role.
  • Approximately three years of experience in a 3D department.


  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with all role Leads and Seniors.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with all productions Art directors, Producers, and production managers.
  • Work closely with Environment Design to ensure 3D pre-design models jump-start the modeling process.
  • Go to and administrate meetings.
  • Manages workflow from 3D Modelers to Art Direction approvals, to Layout Team.
  • Managed a team of 3D Modeling Staff to create 3D assets and environments for a designated project
    • Maintain FTrack’s 3D asset organization and shot delegation
    • Administers daily reviews or status check-ins
    • Supervise and mentor team members, creatively and technically, to help ensure they achieve their goals (Biweekly 1:1 meetings)
    • Resolves internal issues diplomatically, employing management techniques when necessary (Performance Improvement Plans, Performance Reviews) and documents outcomes.
    • Communicates project deadlines and keeps FTrack / project status tools up to date.
    • Communicates quality expectations and design standards for projects. Maintains individual and team accountability for achieving said standards.
    • Oversee organization, creation, modeling, and rendering of assets
    • Approve time off requests and timesheets.
  • Collaborate with Art Direction on bid hours.
  • Work with the Art Direction to identify the visual needs of a project
  • Evaluate and communicate revisions on assets delivered by modeling, texturing, and environments.
  • Occasionally meet off hours with outside animation studios.
  • Must reside in GA or be willing to relocate.
  • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US.
  • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
  • EOE

Estimated start: End of November

Salary range: $1260-1320 weekly