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Floyd County Productions (FCP) is a multiple Emmy® award-winning animation studio located in the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2009 by writers and executive producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, FCP has grown from a crew of 8 artists into a family of nearly 200 amazing creatives. FCP is a full-service animation studio that strives to create the highest quality in animation and digital entertainment. You know, like cartoons and stuff.

Floyd County Productions is currently working on our original action-spy comedy Archer (returning for its 13th season), and a bunch of hush-hush, top-secret stuff that we can only whisper about in the studio kitchen. A kitchen that is stocked with muffins. And bear claws. Don’t forget the bear claws.


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Character Layout Director

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Job Overview:

The primary role of a Character Layout Director at Floyd County Productions is to oversee, organize, execute, and note the key character poses throughout each episode. The Character Layout Director also oversees the design, posing, and placement of unanimated background characters (drones). This work may be completed by in-house, and out-of-house teams, so the Character Layout Director must be very organized and a great communicator. The Character Layout Director reports to the Animation Director.


  • Oversees the creation of key character layouts - characters drawn on model, in the show style, rendered in rough line art and placed in the correct scale and perspective of the background – for each shot requested per episode
  • Oversees the creation, design, placement, and posing of unanimated background characters (drones) on a shot-by-shot basis
  • Oversees the creation of style frames, or stylized moving stills that may be used in the episode.
  • Noting character layouts from internal or external character layout teams
  • Works with Animation Director to identify shots that require character layouts in order to be animated successfully, and complete them before the animation begins
  • Works with Art Direction to approve new character designs that arise in the layout drones process
  • Works with the compositing team to make sure all layout drones are on FTrack and ready for compositing.
  • Works with Art Direction, Character Design, and Asset Manager to make sure the correct elements (characters, props, and designs) are reflected in the layout of each shot
  • Track the continuity of 2D character or prop elements throughout the episode and become a source for 2D animation and compositing questions
  • Create roughs for complex animation sequences
  • Create Layouts/compositions where the reference of scale and placement of characters in environments is necessary
  • Create or contribute to each episode of drone comp
  • Collaborate with Producers and department heads to identify and answer ambiguities in script and/or storyboards (for example specify of drinks, weapons, magazine covers, etc.)
  • Responsible for checking and approving time in Minute7 for the layout team
    • Desired Skill Set & Experience:

      • 1-2 years of management experience
      • 2-3 years working as a layout artist, storyboard revisionist, or designer
      • Possesses general knowledge of the Harmony production pipeline and each department’s role within the pipeline
      • Ability to interpret storyboards and provide alternate or easier solutions should production need to scale back
      • Competent in Adobe Photoshop. Experience with Toon Boom Harmony and Clips Studio is a plus
      • Awareness and in-depth knowledge of story, character, composition, and animation
      • An in-depth understanding of anatomy and layout to create rough drawings and compositions to assist production departments
      • Basic understanding of animation fundamentals -- such as arcs and timing -- in order to provide additional detail for complicated animation sequences or actions
      • Excellent organizational and communication skills to lead internal and external teams.
        • Requirements:

      • Must reside in GA or be willing to relocate.
      • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US.
      • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
      • EOE
        • Production: Hit Monkey
          Estimated start: March
          Weekly salary range: $1240-1320
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    3D Technical Artist

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    Job Overview:

    Come join the production of Hit-Monkey Season 2! The role of a 3D Technical Artist is to learn and use the standards and practices at Floyd County productions to work with the 3D team to create scripted tools,  renders, and needed exports for departments downstream of the 3D department. Once those tasks are completed the 3D Technical Artist will deliver those scripted tools and documentation to the Floyd County Technical director and deliver renders and exports to the necessary department heads or their liaisons. The 3D Technical Artist reports directly to the Director of 3D Animation.


  • Work with the 3D Director, Team, and Technical Director to create scripted tools, renders, and needed exports for downstream departments.
  • Meet regularly with 3D Directors and Coordinators as well as Art Direction to determine the technical needs of the department.
  • Create process documentation
  • Deliver renders and exports to necessary department heads and asset managers
  • Deliver scripted tools and documentation to Technical Director
  • Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Good listening, learning, and organizational skills
  • Strong work ethic. (how does the person treat jobs they don't find interesting)
  • Strong collaboration skills
  • Working knowledge of a 3d pipeline
  • Strong understanding of 3dsMax and Blender
  • Experience with the following software:  Vray, Phoenix FD, Tyflow, Deadline, Adobe After Effects, Black Magic Design Fusion, and Photoshop.
  • Programming in Maxscript and Python
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Knowledge of LPM/Prism
  • Basic compositing skills
  • Basic animation skills
  • Basic modeling skills
  • Basic material and lighting skills
  • Experience with C++, .Net, C#, Javascript


  • Must reside in GA or be willing to relocate.
  • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US.
  • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
  • EOE
  • Production:  Hit Monkey: Season 2
    Estimated start: April
    Hourly range: $32.00-34.00 hrApply Now

    Builder Harmony Rigging – Hit-Monkey Season 2

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    Job Overview:

    A Builder works with designs provided in order to rig every character and prop as required in the storyboards. They work closely with the Builds Lead to make sure the rigs maintain the vision of the designs and the technical goals of the animators. This position reports to the Builds Lead.


    • Must have knowledge of Toonboom Harmony,  Adobe Photoshop, Google Suite products, and Ftrack.
    • Knowledge of building Master Controllers is a plus.
    • Understanding of how designs are constructed as character rigs.
    • Must be able to communicate effectively and respectfully to Leads and Directors.
    • Must have an understanding of the Harmony animation pipeline.
    • Must be able to take direction and voice concerns when needed.

    Desired Skills & Experience:

    • Works with Build Lead to implement methods and workflows to achieve technical challenges and high-skill-level tasks.
    • Completion of rigging assignments and needed angles or views.
    • Completion of notes or updates as needed.
    • Follows rules and format established for the needs of the current project.
    • Ask questions to better understand the methods being used and to ensure consistency.
    • Communication of progress and any issues with meeting deadlines.
    • Must reside in GA or be willing to relocate.
    • Must be able to provide authorization to work in the US.
    • Must be able to provide proof of COVID vaccination and boosters.
    • EOE
    Production:  Hit Monkey: Season 2
    Estimated start: Immediate
    Hourly range: $24.00-27.00 hr
    Georgia USA

    Made in Georgia


    Floyd County Productions is an active participant and advocate for the Georgia Film Tax Credit. This incentive, refunding up to 30% on qualifying expenses, keeps our studio price competitive with other studios around the world.


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